Phil Lamb Arizona

Phil Lamb of Arizona

Welcome to the website dedicated to the career of Phil Lamb of Arizona. Phil Lamb began his professional career as a lawyer. He finished his undergrad in finance and accounting from Georgetown University, and after graduating, he had the opportunity to continue his studies at Harvard Law school. During law school, Lamb realized he had a passion for business and a desire to pursue management. After graduating from law school, he took his first job at The Boston Consulting Group, where he was able to gain a lot of the experience and some of the tools he would later leverage to launch successful startups.

Lamb’s most recent career pursuit has him representing Smart Rent as an Executive. As an executive, his role is to develop and grow the business within the Build to Rent, PRS, Student Housing & Housing Association sectors across the U.K. and Europe. Smart Rent is an enterprise software company that allows property managers to deliver a more cohesive flowing package.

Smart Rent technology has been incredibly beneficial for landlords during the global pandemic by offering things like:

  • Resident amenity
  • Increase in renters
  • Increase in leasing opportunities
  • Self-guided tours
  • Easy operating systems
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Protection from property damage
  • An increase in operation efficiency

Through introducing Smart Rent to the U.K and European markets, Phil Lamb of Arizona has been able to bring vendor agreements into the 21st century. Blanket vendor agreements are no longer optimal as technological advancements call on contracts to be more flexible. Lamb has shined a light on how vendor agreements must reflect the need of today’s property managers and residents alike. It’s this synergy, along with the use of cutting-edge technology, that makes Smart Rent an industry leader.

Lamb has enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Europe and guide a team that is genuinely committed to their work. One of the best aspects of leadership is watching a team grow and attain success. This website will allow Lamb to share some tips and tricks that others can use to strengthen their teams and deliver a better service for their clients. Check back often for the latest insights on Lamb’s blog.