SmartRent’s Advantages for Tenants, Owners Ensures Longevity, says Phil Lamb of Arizona

Phil Lamb of Arizona

The advent of technology like Amazon’s “Alexa” and interconnectedness through the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has transformed not just how we live, but the structures we live in. The combination of bricks, mortar, steel, wood and windows has been brought to life and in the eyes of Phil Lamb of Arizona, it’s about time. As senior vice president of SmartRent, a smart home technology provider, Mr. Lamb says this technology is rapidly being adopted by landlords and property managers. It provides a way to control their units from a distance while giving tenants the ability to receive packages safely and securely. As readers might expect, these topics have become increasingly relevant during the ongoing health pandemic.

SmartRent has already established a presence in the U.S. and is making inroads in United Kingdom and European markets, according to a recent report in Showhouse magazine. IoT technology serves as the backbone of the software, which allows for connectivity of devices that control home settings. This can range from sensors, lights, appliances, security systems, thermostats and more. Phil Lamb of Scottsdale says this is the technology to have in 2021 if you want to retain or entice new renters who will be considering your property among many others. Results realized thus far include quicker re-signs from current tenants, asset protection for these individuals receiving packages to your property and remote utility management.

Of all the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, home sales ranks right near the top. Prospective buyers have been hesitant to enter buildings, meet with agents and take tours where strangers will likely be present. Phil Lamb of Arizona says SmartRent has been crucial in this sector, with the company recently installing a vast array of technology in 77 homes during the span of a single weekend. This includes hubs, locks and motion sensors – all of which would be crucial when managing various house tours. In exchange for these efforts, people have been able to take self-guided tours of homes on the market. In the words of one SmartRent officials, which Phil Lamb of Scottsdale echoes, “builders will have seen firsthand their costs go down and closing percentages go up. I am confident they will understand the value of self-guided tours, and won’t be going back to the same traditional way of showing their model and inventory homes.”

Home automation represents a natural progression in technology. The benefits for each party involved – be it property owners, sellers, renters, groundskeepers and maintenance crews – is a sure sign of practicality. Phil Lamb of Arizona thus expects this software to soon become the norm in homes across the globe.

Phil Lamb
Phil Lamb of Scottsdale, Arizona writes about local business news.

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